Recapturing communities through creativity

Hi and a very warm welcome to our newly formed initiative that is BE MORE BEE CIC

Our aims are

To provide a range of creative activities, suitable for all, to recapture our communities.

For everyone to enjoy the feeling of achievement when gaining new skills, in a relaxed and safe environment.

To promote wellbeing through meeting new people, getting busy and nurturing everyone’s tabletop talents.

So,18 to 85 year olds…bring your youth, life experiences and wisdom

In the New Year we will be announcing our plan of activity to capture your imagination and desire to do something a little bit different, by offering welcoming sessions, where a cuppa and cake is always available and an opportunity for you to join our friendly, sociable and creative space for a few hours.

Engaging in social activities and sharing space in our communities can help with challenges such as ageing and loneliness. It can help to boost confidence and help us to feel more engaged and resilient. Besides these benefits, art engagement also alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. (

We supply the venue, the materials and are present at all sessions. Some of our sessions will be drop in and some will need booking onto, just so we can keep your experience a positive one and we have time to give you. More to follow in the New Year.
Our crafting sessions use whatever materials we can source, making every session an adventure as we never know what we may find…hopefully, in the future we will be holding fund raising stalls at seasonal markets of which you too can be involved ..we certainly would like you to make something to sell, along with something for you to take home and use.

Sustainability, wherever we can, we repurpose, upcycle, recycle and use sustainable materials in all our creative activities and encourage our groups to do the same. The dream is zero waste!
Please check our face book page BE MORE BEE CIC where all our events and sessions will be advertised.

As a Community Interest Company, we are a not for profit organisation, any profit goes back into the pot so we can keep on providing a space for anyone needing company, a new experience, a change of scenery and a safe and relaxed atmosphere, where kindness is all. This means we are constantly looking for funding opportunities and will need to charge for sessions but not too much. We welcome donations, sponsorship and any items we can repurpose, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We also provide CPD opportunities along with bespoke sessions on application. Please contact us directly for more information.

Email Jane and Jo for more details

We are so looking forward to meeting you. See you there……